Friday , 23 September 2022
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2022 Membership Renewal

Membership Renewal for season 2022 is now available via our setup with the ClubForce membership system.

Membership Rates

Category Rate (€) Bar Credits
Family 520 30
Ordinary 380 20
Senior 190 10
Cadet 115  
Associate – Step up to Ordinary (Yr1) 190  
Associate – Step up to Ordinary (Yr2) 280  
Country 190  
Pavilion 105 20
Overseas 105  
Honorary   0  
Life 0  

Payment choices

  1. Payment may be made by Credit or Debit card using the ClubForce system. Considering the current COVID situation, this would be the preferred payment option if at all possible.
  2. If a member wishes to seek an alternative method of payment, please contact the Membership Secretary first. After doing so and if this choice is sought, we ask that Membership renewal still be completed using the ClubForce system however please choose Payment by Cheque/Cash/EFT/DD as the payment option within the Payment dialogue.
  3. Ordinary and Family subscriptions may also be paid in 3 equal monthly amounts by 30 April 2022. If this choice is taken, the first payment must be made by 28th Feb and the 2 remaining payments will be taken automatically by the ClubForce system on the same day for each of the subsequent 2 months. For example, if you make the initial payment on the 12th Feb, the subsequent payments will be taken on the 12th March and 12th April. The system will send an email a few days prior to this debit.
  4. To receive Bar credits, full payment should be made by 31st January. Bar credits will not apply if payment is made by instalment. Bar credits will expire by 30 September 2022.

What do i need to do?

  1. Click on the button below, which will open within a seperate tab the ClubForce website and the registration splash page for MYC. We recommend you refer back to these Instructions as you step through the Registration process.
  2. Select the Membership registration plan applicable to you i.e. Family, Ordinary etc. Please note Helpful hints below, if you choose one of Family, Cadet, Life or Honorary membership categories.
  3. “Add to Cart”.
  4. You will be prompted to login or to Create an Account. Most of you will already have an Account with ClubForce through 2021 membership. If you do, you will not need to create a new Account. If you do not, create an Account .
  5. Once you have logged in, you will then be prompted to fill in some Personal details (name, address and so on). Fill in the details, noting which are mandatory.
  6. If you had 2021 membership you can choose to “Use last years information” from the drop down menu. (Tip: wait for the form to refresh if you choose this). In this case you will just need to select whether or not you are happy for MYC to contact you by phone or email, in keeping with GDPR requirements. If you have not pre-registered or wish to reset stored information, then add (each) Member details as relevant.
  7. Note Even if you have pre-registered Family details you will still need to Add each Family member again as part of the 2022 Registration. This is necessary so you can amend details if they have changed from the previous Registration.
  8. Select <next>
  9. You will be forwarded to the Payment dialogue.
  10. Complete details and confirm. Please note, there are No Discount codes that can be entered for Membership renewal. This is standard functionality available with Clubforce, however in this case we do not have any codes set up.
  11. When payment is confirmed you will be forwarded to a Confirmation page to verify your Registration.
  12. You’re done and will receive an email confirmation
  13. If you wish you can then pay your Boat Storage fees which are due by 1 April. For instructions see the Membership menu tab and select menu item Boat Storage Fees.
Redirect to CF membership renewal

Helpful hints

  1. If selecting Family membership category and have no Youths (cadets) to add (e.g. 2 Adults), you will still be prompted to note the relationship of each Adult to (any) prospective Youth to be added to the Registration. In this case select “Other” from the Drop Down and then type “N/A” and/or explanatory text in the field prompted.
  2. If selecting Honorary or Life membership category, no payment is required however the ClubForce system will still take you to the payment dialogue. Please select Payment by Cheque/Cash to complete submission. The membership secretary will update your membership registration from Pending to Complete.
  3. If selecting Cadet category, please note that x1 Parent/Guardian @ zero cost will be added to your basket and you will need to complete brief details of the Parent/Guardian to register the Cadet.
  4. If you press Back and change your selection in the Membership category for whatever reason, please make sure the Basket is correct.